Bethesda: Doom 4 Would Have Been A Mistake

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Bethesda stepped into 2017 in full style as they teased on a number of exciting titles coming out this year. While there may be no mention of Elder Scrolls 6, the game developer shared that there will be plenty of fun in other titles.

After talking about their 2017 plans, Bethesda looked back at 2016 and shared one thing they regret. It is the axing of Doom 4.

Bethesda made it known that they were gutted by the axing of Doom 4 but they see it as a necessary move in order to make Doom great again. It wasn’t easy for Bethesda as the developers have already spent a lot of work on the title.

Doom 4’s cancellation allowed Bethesda to start from scratch thus the release of Doom. The new title offers a change of pace in the game play and this is something which the fans appreciate.