Bethesda Feels Burn Of Fallout 4 Fans

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Fallout 4 is one of the most popular RPG games available today but to think of it as a perfect game is a mistake. Despite being made for the new generation consoles, Fallout 4 is just average in the eyes of the fans and many believed that Bethesda could have done better.

The Fallout fans agreed that there are many things which Bethesda must not do in Fallout 5 if they want the sequel to be impressive. Among them includes a more in-depth plot for the players to enjoy. The current plot in Fallout 4 is okay but the side quests which the players have to participate in have got no influence on the game.

In addition to that, Bethesda must not overuse the “settlement-capture” system. This made Fallout 4 feel repetitive and the players get bored by it far too easily. Last but not least, the world of Fallout needs more enemies. Fallout 4 is very limited to fighting ghouls and it makes the Wasteland feel dull.

But of course, these are just the feedback from the fans and it is meant to serve as an indication on what Bethesda should do in a future sequel, Fallout 5. The latter is not expected to arrive until about a decade from now.