Bethesda Game Of Thrones Hit The Can, Elder Scrolls Rejoice!

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About a week ago, we shared with you a placeholder on Target titled “Bethesda Game Of Thrones”. This greatly suggests that Bethesda is developing a game based on the hit TV series and it became a subject of many discussions on gaming forums.

Well, we can safely say now that the leak is nothing more than a hoax – which is unusual since most placeholders on Target ended up being true. Target announced today that Bethesda Game of Thrones is not a real product before apologizing for the confusion.

For the Elder Scrolls lovers, they are full of joy upon hearing this as there is no point for Bethesda to develop Game of Thrones when they are still pending to create a sequel for Skyrim.

Having Game of Thrones in development will only cause further delays to Elder Scrolls 6’s development and this won’t ease the wait which the fans are going through.