Bethesda Rallies Fans For E3, Elder Scrolls Hopefuls Unmoved

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Earlier today, Bethesda let out a Tweet that confirms on their participation at the next E3. The future gaming exhibition will see Bethesda unveiling their future products and the game developer can’t wait to share them with the world.

In the Tweet, Bethesda calls for fans of the games to be part of E3 before promising an excitement like no other. The way Bethesda is hyping up the situation suggests that there may be a big reveal happening at this year’s E3.

Knowing that the fans are keen to learn more about Elder Scrolls 6, it is hard to tell on whether the sequel to Skyrim will be breaking its covers at E3. The chances of that happening are really slim hence the Elder Scrolls lovers could not be bothered by Bethesda’s call for E3.

Nobody knows exactly what Bethesda has in store but if we are to predict the outcome of it, games like Fallout 4 VR, Dishonored 2 DLC and Quake Champions will be the focus on E3.