Black Ops 4: No Single Player Is A Huge Mistake, Here’s Why

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It is official. Black Ops 4 is the next major Call of Duty video game and the title is expected to get released in October this year. Black Ops 4 will arrive will all the best bits of the Call of Duty series but it won’t be anything like the original Black Ops Trilogy.

This is solely because of the fact that the developers have decided to change the game’s foundation through having Black Ops 4 running on a multiplayer-only setup. Yes, you read that right. There isn’t going to be a single player mode in Black Ops 4.

The developers have admitted that the decision to omit single player is tough for them to make but it is necessary as they want the Call of Duty franchise to go into a new direction.

The developers can dodge it all they want but it won’t hide the obvious – their desire to save cash by not having a single player mode. The decision will go well with the game’s focus on a Battle Royale mode and focus on zombies, although we still feel that it is a big mistake for Black Ops 4 to skip single-player.

This is because a research data studying Sony PSN accounts have been released online and they revealed the high percentage of players that doesn’t turn a blind eye towards single player mode. Just because multiplayer mode gets all the glory, the silent majority still prefers having single player mode.