Black Ops 4: Treyarch Working Towards Zombie Battle Royale?

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The Call of Duty franchise will be welcoming a new title later this year and it is the fourth sequel to the Black Ops series. Activision has already confirmed on this when they revealed Black Ops 4 to be in the works and the game is aiming to make its debut in October this year.

Like the original Black Ops Trilogy, Black Ops 4 is hoping to offer the best FPS experience around and an exciting single-player plot for players to play in. Aside from that, the game is likely to come with Zombie-mode intact as the feature has been a success in previous instalments.

But of course, Treyarch knows better that they simply can’t reuse the same recipe without adding anything new. After seeing the huge uprising in popularity of ‘battle royale’ video games, rumours are indicating a similar offering in Black Ops 4.

The word is that Black Ops 4 will have a battle royale setup for its Zombie mode where a lobby can hold 100 players divided into two teams – man and zombies.

It is an interesting approach should this be true and we wouldn’t mind such an outcome. All will be confirmed once Treyarch takes the stage at a community event scheduled on May 17.