Blizzard Reportedly Spills The Beans On Starcraft: Remastered

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If you are a fan of sci-fi games, then you would probably agree with us when we say that Starcraft is one of the best titles in the history of the genre. So when we finally head about Starcraft Remastered being in Blizzard plans, we can’t help but feel excited for it.

The reports from South Korea were saying that Blizzard secretly teased some information on Starcraft Remastered during last year’s Blizzcon and it is meant to create a huge hype for Q3 this year.

In other words, Q3 is likely to be when Blizzard will talk about Starcraft Remastered and the unveiling will be taking place in South Korea. The report followed up by saying that this greatly explains why Blizzard is organizing something big in the country.

But of course, the fact that Blizzard has yet to publically announce on Starcraft means that we can’t take the above without any grains of salt. Failing to take it lightly will only result to a big disappointment like how it was two years ago. Let’s hope that is not the case.