Bully 2: 2 Weeks To Verdict!

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The next E3 event will take place in about a fortnight from now and it is expected to bring a verdict on Bully 2. For the past year or so, rumours are rife in claiming that there will be a new Bully video game coming out but the lack of reveal from Rockstar has made it a salty claim.

That was the case until Q4 of last year when a gallery revealing the pre-production sketches of Bully 2 surfaced online and it looks to real for it to be a hoax.

Rockstar may have said that Red Dead Redemption 2 is the game which they will focus on at E3 this year but they didn’t say that it will be the only game on the showcase. The biggest sign is with Rockstar’s stage time which is far too lengthy for them to talk about only one game.

But of course, without any official mentions of Bully 2, you will still need to take the above with a grain of salt. All will be confirmed at E3 2018.