Bully 2: Is Rockstar Planning Big Surprise?

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Think Rockstar and the first thing that comes to mind is the Grand Theft Auto Series. The GTA franchise is simply a jewel in the gaming industry as every title that came out made it big in the market. The same can be said for the GTA 5.

Well, GTA 5 has been around for many years now and Rockstar is now moving on to a different project. They have already confirmed it to be the next Red Dead game and the title is tipped to be called Red Dead Redemption 2. But if you think that RDR2 is the only title in the works, you could be wrong.

We say so because a leak has surfaced online and it gave us a look at Bully 2’s pre-production sketches. The gallery looks legit in our eyes and we don’t see why an individual will go through so much effort in creating the hoax.

If Bully 2 is truly in development, its secrecy could be because Rockstar wants to make a surprise launching for the game. Bully 2 can perfectly fill in the time gap between Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 6.