Bully 2: The Highlight Of Corporate Presence?

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Seeing Rockstar participating at E3 is as rare as it gets and this is a big hint on something huge being planned for gamers worldwide when the event commences this weekend.

According to Rockstar, they will be at E3 for corporate purposes – meaning that the priority is to reel in investors and other corporate-related talks. This may seem like there isn’t going to be a game-related announcement coming from Rockstar but you should expect the opposite.

Put yourself in the shoes of investors. While you may know that Rockstar is bagging the biggest profits around, you would want to know the future of the company and by this, we are talking about games. Rockstar may not unveil anything at all but they will likely announce on a long-term strategy, which will include the announcing of several games.

We already know Red Dead Redemption 2 is in the works and may get a bit of spotlight at E3 but what other games will follow? It has to be a long list for a long-term strategy and we are convinced one of the games will be Bully 2.

This is especially after a pre-production gallery for Bully 2 got leaked last year and it looks as real as it gets. We simply can’t think of anyone putting in a tremendous amount of effort to create a hoax. You can check out Bully 2’s gallery here before looking forward to its possible confirmation at E3.