Burnout Revenge Gets Second Take On The Xbox One

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The Xbox One has completely failed to compete in the current-generation console wars but the platform from Microsoft managed to survive the market thanks to Backwards Compatibility. Also known as BC, the program technically allows players to play their Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One.

This is a great move from Microsoft as it will give 360 gamers a big reason to upgrade to the Xbox One. Furthermore, games are relatively expansive these days and being able to move the games from the old 360 to the Xbox One will give players a greater sense of ownership.

But of course, the Backwards Compatibility program does not involve every game from the 360 platform. The list of games on BC is continuously growing and the latest addition right now is Burnout Revenge.

The whacky and addictive racing game was a huge hit on the Xbox 360 and gamers will be pleased to know that it can be played on the Xbox One.