Call Of Duty WW2: Why You Should Avoid Launch Day Purchase…

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Every year brings out a brand new Call of Duty video game and things will be no different here in 2017. Come next month, Activision will be launching Call of Duty World War 2 and fans of the shooter series cannot be happier about it.

While WW2 may promise an exhilarating FPS experience, we would still advise you to wait a while before purchasing the game. This is because Call of Duty World War 2 looks likely to come out with a massive issue – hackers.

Those that have been doing Beta test have been complaining on the widespread hacking in the game. One individual went as far as getting hackers in the lobby for 5 straight times. The fact that this is already happening in Beta is worrying to say the least and it doesn’t help knowing that developer Sledgehammer rarely implement an anti-cheat system.

But of course, Sledgehammer may improve on their services with Call of Duty World War 2. There is not telling just yet and it is why you should wait at least a month before buying the game.

Proof of hacking can be viewed here.×720.mp4#t=0