Capcom: Resident Evil 7 Horror Inspired By RE1

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For years already, the Resident Evil purists have been calling for newer Resident Evil games to go back to its horror roots. This cannot be helped as the action gameplay that have persisted since Resident Evil 4 has made the series less horrifying.

Well, things are now changing for the better as Resident Evil 7 promises the return of horror. Capcom revealed that Resident Evil has always been the best horror-based gaming franchise and they want Resident Evil to live up to that description.

Capcom has already released a preview for Resident Evil 7 and the purists are pleased with the dark atmosphere teased through it. Today, Capcom returned to share that Resident Evil 7’s horror experience will also be nostalgic as the mechanism will be more like the first Resident Evil title.

Capcom acknowledged the fact that previous Resident Evil titles have too much enemies which makes every combat encounter feels cheap. There are no longer any thrills to engaging an enemy and also no scare factor about it. It won’t be the case in Resident Evil 7 as the future sequel will return to the traditional horror way of things.

Well, with such a remark, we can’t help but to be more excited for Resident Evil 7. The game looks set to make its debut early next year but you can already pre-order a copy today.