Cheaters Making It Rain Profits For PUBG!

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Playerunknown’s Battleground is one of the most popular, most played video games right now and this is quite amazing because the title is not in its complete state.

In case you are unaware, PUBG is still a development in progress but that didn’t stop the developers from selling the preview of the full game. Having the preview around greatly helps because the income generated from it will help fund the development of PUBG as a whole.

But for the developers, they are really shrewd on the business end and they know how to make an extra dime through the gamers. If you’re thinking microtransactions, you should look elsewhere because it is not that.

It was discovered earlier today that PUBG has banned over 1,044,000 cheaters caught in the game in the pace of one month. Cheaters that are caught will have their game disqualified which means that they will need to purchase another copy of Battleground.

A million in one month is a massive number of cheaters and we don’t even think that GTA 5 Online has got such a tremendous pool of unfair players. But unlike Rockstar which does little to stop the cheaters, PUBG has successfully turned them into a revenue.