Civilization 6 Can’t Outdo Predecessor, Here’s Why

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Civilization 6 is the latest instalment in the Civilization series and it made its debut back in October 2016. Despite already prospering through an entire calendar, the game is still unable to outsell its predecessor, Civilization 5. Why is that?

It may sound like a no-brainer since Civilization 6 is the latest title in the series and it deserves to sell at a better pace but there is actually a good reason for is. Unlike how it is with other game series, a new Civilization title will often not do well in its early years.

Civilization 5 also stuttered on the sales front in its first year but after getting 2-3 DLCs, the game is able to outsell its predecessor. We can expect the same for Civilization 6 although DLCs alone won’t be enough to drive the game into glory.

More needs to be done like putting a stop-sale order for Civilization 5. Most retailers today are selling Civilization 5 for only $5 and this is why many gamers are still buying the game and not Civilization 6.