COD Infinite Warfare Sprees On With Senseless Plot

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If you are a keen movie-goer, then you should be familiar with the action films that are directed by Michael Bay. The director tends to produce flicks that are overdone with CGIs and any conflicts will be senseless.

Perhaps, the same can be applied for the Call of Duty series. Ever since Modern Warfare got released, the plots do not make excessive sense aside from pumping in adrenaline into the gameplay. Think about it. How did Makarov turned from a wanted Russian terrorist into a leader of an infantry?

Things did not get any better for Infinite Warfare but we won’t lay out the details here to prevent spoiling the game for you. All you have to know is that the root of all conflicts are unknown and how the villains evolved to be evil is unclear.

With that being said, Infinite Warfare is more of a Michael Bay film that is ported into a video game rather than an in-depth drama that is offered by the Tom Clancy gaming series.