Cuphead Is Not Cancelled For The Sony PS4?

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Cuphead is one of the most talked about new IPs right now and it is easy to understand why. Many gamers are in love with the game’s addictive run and gun adventure offered in Cuphead but it is unfortunate that not everyone can enjoy the title.

This is because Cuphead is only available on the Xbox One and the PC. The game is made to be a Microsoft-exclusive title and this means that the game will not be coming to the Sony PS4.

Seeing that the PS4 currently hold the biggest number of gamers around, the majority of them are unhappy with Sony missing out on Cuphead. Well, if you are among them, we may have some good news for you and it is that Cuphead’s exclusivity with Microsoft is only a timed one.

Leaked internal documents are claiming that Cuphead will crossover into the PS4 next year after their exclusivity deal expires. As exciting as this sound, there is no confirming the leak just yet but there is no wrong with keeping your hopes up.