Dark Souls Remastered Promises A Skull-Cracking Experience For Switch!

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After seeing that the Nintendo Switch has achieved three times better sales in its first year than the Sony PlayStation 4, many game developers have decided to give the hybrid console some extra attention.

This can only lead to one thing and it is that gamers can look ahead to playing more games on the system. One particular title that has been confirmed to arrive on the Nintendo Switch is Dark Souls.

The title from FromSoftware has achieved numerous awards and any gaming enthusiasts will admit that Dark Souls is amongst the most challenging video games ever produced. The Dark Souls Series managed to enjoy huge sales thanks to its skull-bashing reputation and many gamers that accepted the challenge which the series has to offer ended up giving up playing.

But who knows? Things could be better on the Nintendo Switch as the control approach of the hybrid system can give a mild advantage to gamers in trying to complete Dark Souls.

Well, we will know more about it once Dark Souls Remastered makes its debut on the Switch and that will happen at the end of May this year.