Dead Island 2: New Dev Not Keeping Anything

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Despite Deep Silver confirming the sequel years ago, it still does not feel like we are getting any close to the game at this point, in fact, new rumors are now suggesting that we might be further from the game than we think.

So far, the only promising thing we heard last year was that the game is still being developed and that they have not given up on it yet. The statement was made after the game from removed from Steam. Fans thought that that was it but the developers reassured us all that it wasn’t.

However, no new details were ever released. New reports are now saying that the reason why we don’t have much about the game now is because the developers has nothing to show.

Even though the game has been in development for some time, Sumo Digital has just only taken over the game but it is said that the developer decided to throw away everything that the previous developers has done and start fresh.

That means new mechanics and also new story line for the game. If that is true, it could mean that the wait for the game is far from over but most of the fans would forgive them as long as it is good.

Do you think we will see Dead Island 2 this year?