Digimon: AAA Game Scheduled For Next Week!

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If Pokemon can turn into an icon in the gaming industry, then Digimon too can aspire to achieve a similar status. Digimon is a hugely popular franchise from the late 90s but it dropped out of the mainstream since for some unknown reasons.

Well, that is no longer the case today as 2016 has seen the franchise returning back to life and it is fast regaining its popular status. To further celebrate the huge progress made in Digimon, Bandai has decided to develop a huge AAA title that is based on the franchise.

The name of the game is unknown at the moment but the rumours are hinting it to be similar to past great DIgimon games. For the full information on the mysterious Digimon game, you can wait until January 6 because that is when Bandai will drop every information regarding the title.

This was confirmed today when the official Digimon website saw a countdown that will end on January 6, next week. We will be updating here when the reveal happen.