Dishonored 2: Is Dishonored Knowledge Required?

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If you are thinking of buying Dishonored 2 without playing Dishonored, we would advise you against doing so due to the emotional nature of things.

Dishonored 2 may be able to give you a brief recap on the plot in Dishonored but that is all to it. You will only get information on the surface with no real connection to the original title. The struggles and nature of Dishonored will not give you an emotional impact in Dishonored 2.

Furthermore, the recap on the events which took place in Dishonored is not inclusive of all the side quests. This is pretty huge because Dishonored 2 is filled with many returning characters and there is a large number of them which have a connection with the player through side quests in the previous title.

While it may still be alright to play Dishonored 2 without touching Dishonored, we still believe that it is better for you to play the old title. Only then will you get some sort of emotional attachment with the series and it will be something which you can appreciate.