DOOM Now Fulfils Nintendo Switch Requirement!

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One of the things that make Nintendo Switch great is the unique and interactive way of playing games. Like how it was with the Wii U, the Switch greatly demands gamers to get off the couch and move around with the controller to play games.

Rival Xbox has got the Kinect and PS4 has got the Move but none of them offer an experience as good as the Switch. But of course, not all games on the Switch are designed to make full use of the console’s gaming ways and one title worth mentioning is DOOM.

The FPS title has a traditional gameplay setup on the Switch and this has prevented a portion of Switch’s gamers from purchasing the game. Well, this is no longer the case today as it has been confirmed that DOOM on the Switch will get motion controls via patch 1.1.1.

The patch will get rolled out within days from now and it will allow players to play DOOM with Gyro aiming on the Switch’s controller. Oh, did we mention that the patch will fix the game’s audio issues too?