Dragon Age 4: Inquisition’s Protagonist To Stay Put?

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If you have played every title in the Dragon Age Trilogy, then you should know that each game introduces a new protagonist. Even so, the plot in the trilogy has strong relations with one another, meaning that anything which the previous character has done will be mentioned in the newer titles.

This brings us to the upcoming sequel, Dragon Age 4. Dragon Age’s writer, Mike Laidlaw, has revealed on Twitter that the plot for the upcoming sequel will continue into Dragon Age 5. The confirmation was made on Twitter before the lad announces on his resignation.

Mike can be said as the father of the Dragon Age Series and his exit from Bioware may suggest that the current plot in the Dragon Age Series will end with the fifth instalment. It also suggests that the protagonist in Dragon Age 4 will be the same guy that was in Dragon Age Inquisition as there are many unfinished business in the third title.

But of course, this is just our prediction on what is to come in Dragon Age 4. The way we see it, the game will stick to the same protagonist for the first time in the entire series and it will be no different for Dragon Age 5. What do you think?