Dragon Age 4: Morrigan, Leliana Return Will Be A Step Forward For Series

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It is no secret that Dragon Age 4 is currently in the works and we can’t wait to check out what the game will have to offer.

One of the things we would love to see addressed in Dragon Age 4 is the list of playable characters. While things were great back in Dragon Age 3 Inquisition, the third major sequel lacks a dreamy lady character.

This particular aspect of the game has been on a downfall since Dragon Age 2 and it makes the straight affair less exciting. Like seriously, Cassandra does not fit the image of a dreamy girl that is painted by the mainstream media.

As such, we would love if Bioware can buck things up with Dragon Age 4 and offer us some dolly faces. If that is too tough to offer, then the simplest way out would be to bring back Morrigan and Lelliana. Who’s with us?