Dragon Age 4 Pressured By Conan Exile, The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?

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‘Adult Content’ in video games are getting more widespread and their aim is to add in more realism into the gameplay experience. Well, the term explicit is about to get strengthened in the near future as in-game nudity promises to be more detail in Conan Exile.

A clip of character creation in the upcoming fantasy game has leaked online and it shows a no filter look at explicit images. Just when we though The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt has taken the cake for in-game nudity, Conan Exile promises one better.

Well, Dragon Age too has grown to be more open with adult contents and the series is about to welcome a fourth major sequel. Dragon Age 4 is now in the works and we can’t help but to assume that nudity is going to get enhanced in the game.

Extreme nudity may serve Dragon Age 4 well since the series really connects with the player but we can’t bear imagining some players ‘fapping’ at the sight of every sex scene for greater immersion.

But of course, this is just based on our assumptions. Bioware has yet to let out any major details on Dragon Age 4 hence we can’t confirm on if the game will offer more skin than before. If we are right, we sure hope that Bioware do a great job with the graphics. Anything like Inquisition will bring visual horror.