Dragon Age 4 Questions Your Relationship With Solas

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Dragon Age 4 is confirmed to be in the works and the game is projected to make its debut in 2019. Those that have played Dragon Age Inquisition should know better that the plot ended in a cliffhanger.

The character Solas teased on a big invasion coming and he will be in-charge of the invading party. Solas added that the war is necessary as he desires to save the elven race. If Solas is to be the antagonist in Dragon Age 4, the final decision-making moment in the game is bound to provoke your emotional attachment to the elven character.

The way we see it, you can either kill Solas and end the war or side with Solas and bring doom to the world. It would be more interesting if there is a third option which allows you to try and save Solas and restore peace in the realm.

Just the thought for Dragon Age 4 is enough to fuel our excitement and we can’t wait for the game to get released. Do you think that the above is the ideal ending for Dragon Age 4?