Dragon Age 4: Side With Solas Or Die!

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It is no secret that Bioware has commenced developing Dragon Age 4 and the game is expected to pick up from where Dragon Age Inquisition left off. If you have yet to play Inquisition, it is best for you to close this article as there are spoilers ahead.

Dragon Age Inquisition ended with Solas warning of an incoming war between the world and the elves. Solas revealed that he was behind the Fade and the aim is to bring his race back to glory.

This ending allows us to confirm that Dragon Age 4 will be about the global war with the returning elves. While Bioware has yet to make any official reveals on Dragon Age 4, we are fully expecting an ultimatum at the end of the game where you will have to decide between siding with Solas or go against him.

It would definitely be better if there is a third option that allows you to talk Solas out of the war and restore peace in the fantasy world. This particular option can also unlock the doors to future villains in the Dragon Age realm thus keeping the series exciting and fresh.

Either way, we are seriously hoping for the ultimatum in Dragon Age 4 to be like the above. The idea of siding with Solas or go against him will surely provoke the emotions of the players and it can boost the experience in Dragon Age 4.