Dragon Age 4: The Greywarden To Return As Protagonist?

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The majority of Dragon Age fans have made it known that they find Dragon Age Origins to be the best Dragon Age video game of all time. The first instalment to the highly popular RPG franchise offers a landmass of perfect size, an interesting plot and also rich content.

As such, these fans would love it if the future sequel, Dragon Age 4, can replicate the foundations on Dragon Age Origins and they would even be happy if the Greywarden is to return.

The protagonist in Origins was thought to be dead after fighting the blight but Morrigan did use some magic in hope of changing the outcome. The magic involved the birth of a child and back in Inquisition, Morrigan spoke about this child.

If you can recall back to Origins, Morrigan revealed that the child will have to be slain to save the life of the Greywarden but the fact that the kid is alive in Inquisition suggests something have went wrong.

Perhaps, the Greywarden has been reincarnated through the little child and this can make create the basis for the character to be the protagonist in Dragon Age 4.

But of course, this is just an idea which we would love to see come true. The return of the Greywarden can enhance the emotional experience in Dragon Age 4 tremendously thus giving the game a huge prospect for success.