Dragon Age 4 Won’t Be Bigger Than Inquisition?

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It is no longer a secret that Bioware has started working on Dragon Age 4 and fans can’t wait to check out what the game will have to offer. Seeing that Dragon Age Inquisition is able to offer long gaming hours with a lot of areas to explore, many have speculated that Dragon Age 4 is going to be larger.

Well, it now seems like that isn’t going to be the case as Dragon Age 4 may be constricted to a small region like how it was in Dragon Age 2.

Developer Mike Laidlaw revealed in an interview that Dragon Age 4 will continue on the cliffhanger in Dragon Age Inquisition. The plot has been set and it will drag on into Dragon Age 5. This was further confirmed on Twitter by Mike.

The reveal certainly sounded like what Bioware said when working on Dragon Age 2. Back then, the game developer mentioned that Dragon Age 2’s plot has been set and it ends in Inquisition. Dragon Age 2 ended up acting like a bridge for a major happening in Inquisition hence we can expect Dragon Age 4 to be no different.

While the above is still pending to get confirmed, we wouldn’t mind such an outcome so long as Dragon Age 4 is to offer more excitement and challenges than Dragon Age Inquisition. Wouldn’t you agree?