Dragon Ball FighterZ: Super-Saiyan Madness Coming To Nintendo Switch?

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What is there not to like about Dragon Ball FighterZ? The title that is based on the Dragon Ball franchise is easily one of the best fighting games yet and you can never go wrong with the game.

This is unless you’re on the Nintendo Switch – a platform where Dragon Ball FighterZ isn’t available for purchase. But if you’ve been praying hard for a port to happen, we have got some great news for you and it is that your prayers have come true.

A leaked E3 document showing off Nintendo’s reveal plan for E3 this weekend saw Dragon Ball FighterZ on the list and it strongly suggests that the game will debut on the Nintendo Switch.

If the leak is spot on, you can expect Nintendo to spill every detail on Dragon Ball FighterZ for the Switch and when the game will get released. Are you excited?

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