Dragon Quest XI: No Unreal 4 For Nintendo Switch?

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Dragon Quest XI is the next major game to come for Square Enix and it is confirmed for the Sony PlayStation 4, the Nintendo 3DS and the all-new Nintendo Switch.

Square Enix has also confirmed that the PS4 version of the game will be extra special and this is because of Unreal 4. The PS4’s version of Dragon Quest XI will operate on Unreal 4 thus giving players a more technically enhanced experience of the highly anticipated sequel.

While Square Enix has yet to mention anything on the Nintendo Switch’s version of Dragon Quest XI, the rumours are claiming that the game won’t operate on Unreal 4. The Switch will be getting a copy of Dragon Quest XI that is ported over from the 3DS. This means that the game will have inferior graphics on the Switch when compared to the PS4.

Rumours should be taken with a grain of salt but after seeing how Square Enix prefers to tailor their products for the PS4, it is a likely possibility for the Switch to lose out on Unreal 4 in Dragon Quest XI.