Elder Scrolls 5 & Fallout 4 Trapped In Never Ending Loop Of Profits

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What is more important than developing Elder Scrolls 6? The answer is to develop Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim all over again and more versions of Fallout 4 along with three other new things.

We don’t mean to throw a tantrum here but the fact that Elder Scrolls 6 is being shoved aside despite having a clear demand for it leaves us in a state of frustration. So let’s put emotions aside for now and see what Bethesda is up to for the rest 2017.

In a recent interview with IGN, Bethesda shared that Skyrim is being developed all-over again and this time, it is for the Nintendo Switch. The same can be said for Fallout 4 but it will be for the Virtual Reality headsets.

As for the three other titles, Bethesda shared that one of them is a game made for mobile while the other two are new IPs which will have a massive open-world setup like Elder Scrolls Series and Fallout.

All of these titles are being worked on this year and we may get a better idea of it at E3 this year. We can only hope for them to be worthwhile, especially when they are stretching the waiting time for Elder Scrolls 6.

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  1. Braden Dodge

    August 14, 2017 at 9:53 pm

    I agree. Bethesda/Zenimax has allowed the profits from their big windfalls in the acquisition of studios such ID Software, Arkane Studios, and MachineGames, to change their mindsets to “quantity over quality”. With each big game, they become more and more entrenched in the behavior of “staying safe” and milking what they have for more money instead of “taking a gamble” on something new. That being said, Todd Howard has given us some great stuff over the years so I am not prepared to abandon my faith in him just yet, and we know that Bethesda is working on at least 1 entirely new thing, that being whatever this “starfield” project turns out to be. I also see that their new Montreal studio is currently hiring a lot of new talent including a position for an “engine programmer” so I am expecting something new from them at E3 2018 or sooner.