Elder Scrolls 6: A Mixture Of Hot & Colds

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If there is a song that best describes the wait for Elder Scrolls 6, it is Hot & Cold from Katy Perry. We say this because there is great uncertainty as well as confusion with the development status of the game.

It all started last year when Bethesda confirmed that Elder Scrolls 6 is not in development hence we won’t be seeing it until many years from now. Then, the 2016 E3 happened and it saw the unveiling of Fallout 4 VR.

The virtual reality version of Fallout 4 was teased at the event and it has some sort of influence over Elder Scrolls 6’s development because Bethesda showed great interest and desire to turn it into a production title. While VR technology is rapidly evolving into the new norm, it will take a couple of years before Fallout 4 can operate fully on a VR headset.

If this is to mean anything, the development of Fallout 4 VR may be the reason for Elder Scrolls 6’s delay. But then again, a recent Tweet from Bethesda Pete Hines shared that 2017 won’t see a lot of new things being made for Fallout 4.

With both Fallout and Elder Scrolls being the only two franchises being directly managed by Bethesda, it could mean that the game developer is commencing the development of Elder Scrolls 6.

So which is which? We would love to hear your opinion regarding the status of Elder Scrolls 6 below.