Elder Scrolls 6 Being Held Hostage By Xbox One, Sony PS4?

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There is one huge question being directed at Bethesda and it is in regards to the Elder Scrolls Series. The fans of the fantasy-themed game are simply dying to know when they can expect Bethesda to release Elder Scrolls 6.

The wait has been a painful one and this is especially when you consider that Elder Scrolls 5 was launched back in 2011. If that is not bad enough, Bethesda also mentioned 2 years ago that they have yet to commence anything with Elder Scrolls 6. Why is that?

Some would say that Bethesda is too occupied with other IPs but that wouldn’t explain their commitment to keep on porting Skyrim to countless systems. If we have to speculate, the reason for the delays is because of the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4.

The two consoles made their debut back in November 2013 – approximately 5 years ago. This is about 2 years after Skyrim debuted. Also, keeping in mind that a generation console tends to enjoy a decade-long life before getting a successor, we are likely to see the next-gen consoles coming out in about 3-4 years from now.

Bethesda is well-aware of this and they have probably decided to hold Elder Scrolls 6 for the next-gen consoles. It will make perfect sense as the next-gen hardware can allow Bethesda to create the biggest Elder Scrolls game yet.