Elder Scrolls 6 Calls For Greater Interactivity, Less Loneliness!

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2018 had just kicked off and this is the year which many are expecting Bethesda to commence work on Elder Scrolls 6. If so, then it is high time for fans to start pouring ideas for the game as they may get picked up by Bethesda during development.

Various gaming forums are already witnessing a sharp rise in the number of people discussing about Elder Scrolls 6 and reading a few of them helped paint a rough idea on what fans of the series want most in the RPG title.

While having a greater plot would be great, a large number of Elder Scrolls lovers are hoping for companionship in Elder Scrolls 6. By companionship, they are referring to having AI characters that can inject strong emotions into the game like how it is in the Dragon Age Series.

But of course, Elder Scrolls have always been a solo show since the beginning of time and this should be persevered for the upcoming title. The fans are merely hoping for a companionship option to be available should they prefer not to feel lonely in the game. Would you want this?