Elder Scrolls 6 Confirmed… As Predicted!

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In the build-up to E3 2018, we told everyone here on NSEA about how we are convinced that The Elder Scrolls 6 is going be a highlight at the gaming event. Well, we are spot on with our belief.

Elder Scrolls 6 made a surprising entry at E3 after Bethesda pulled off an underwhelming reveal on Elder Scrolls Blades. The confirmation was made in a stylish manner as Bethesda went quiet before playing a mysterious which comes with the title: Elder Scrolls 6

The unfortunate bit here is that Elder Scrolls 6 does not feature any name as of yet and this makes the setting of the game a complete mystery. However, seeing that we are spot on with our previous claims, you may want to expect the sequel to be set in Argonia.

The official details on Elder Scrolls 6 will get revealed next year at the earliest and we can’t wait for it. Are you excited?