Elder Scrolls 6 Delayed, Blames Pinned On Fallout 4?

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Grab your pitchforks Elder Scrolls fans because the delay on Elder Scrolls 6 is believed to have been caused by Fallout 4. A gaming insider revealed earlier today that Fallout 4 is the reason why Bethesda has not started work with Elder Scrolls 6.

The insider explained that both the Fallout series and Elder Scrolls series are the only two titles that are developed directly by Bethesda. Both gaming franchises are very similar to each other except that one has a post-apocalyptic theme while the other has a medieval fantasy theme.

Bethesda said earlier this year that they have not started anything on Elder Scrolls 6 and this means that the sequel to Skyrim will be years away from getting released. It is unfortunate because Elder Scrolls 6 was supposed to come out before 2018 if the series release pattern is followed.

Bethesda didn’t provide any reason for the delay but they managed to soften the blow by launching Skyrim Remastered. Fast forward to the last E3 event, Bethesda offered a preview of Fallout 4 VR. Days later, the game developer confirmed their strong interest to turn Fallout 4 VR into reality.

VR gaming is very new today and it will take about 2 years to complete Fallout 4 VR. Because of this, the insider is claiming that Fallout 4 VR is the reason why Elder Scrolls 6 has been pushed back. Everything above makes a lot of sense but we would love to hear your thoughts on it before raising our pitchforks.