Elder Scrolls 6: Delayed Development Blamed On Fallout 4!

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Earlier this year, Bethesda broke the hearts of every Elder Scrolls fan when they revealed that Elder Scrolls 6 is still not in the works despite the series release cycle suggesting otherwise.

In detail, Bethesda confirmed Elder Scrolls 6 won’t arrive until several years from now and they know it is not going to be easy to accept. To make the wait easier, Bethesda has decided to launch Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Remastered for the new generation consoles.

Everything sounds acceptable until we realized that Bethesda never explained why they have not commenced development for Elder Scrolls 6. Bethesda didn’t provide a reason for it but their latest announcement might just be a clue to why Elder Scrolls 6 is delayed to a later date.

In case you are unaware, Bethesda revealed that they are really excited for Fallout 4 Virtual Reality and they want the idea to step into production. Fallout 4 VR was unveiled recently and it shows a lot of potential hence Bethesda has decided to push for development effective immediately.

With Bethesda being over the moon for Fallout 4 VR, the game could just be the reason why the company has decided to push Elder Scrolls 6 behind. What do you think?