Elder Scrolls 6 Delays, Fan Expectations To Blame?

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It is a widely known fact that Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be debuting within the next couple of years as Bethesda has yet to work on anything with the game. This is shocking because it means that Elder Scrolls 6 won’t be meeting the series’ release pattern.

We have discussed before about the cause of Elder Scrolls 6 delay and most of us can agree that it is down to Bethesda’s desire to develop Fallout 4 VR. But for one of our readers, he blames it on the high expectations showed by the Elder Scrolls lovers for Elder Scrolls 6.

The lad revealed that Elder Scrolls fans are hoping for the next sequel to be marginally better than Elder Scrolls Skyrim. The latter is rated highly for being one of the best titles in the series and it will be really tough to top that by a mile with Elder Scrolls 6.

As a result, Bethesda will have to delay Elder Scrolls 6 in order to setup a new foundation that can really improve the gameplay experience on the future sequel. The lad explained that it is very obvious Bethesda is working on a brand new game engine and he also believes that the rumours linking Elder Scrolls 6 to incorporate artificial intelligence are true.

It makes perfect sense as the development of a new engine and new gameplay foundations will take a long while to finish thus the delay on Elder Scrolls 6. On top of it all,

Bethesda has confirmed that they will only launch small scale titles over the next couple of years and this strongly suggests that they are really busy working on something huge.