Elder Scrolls 6: Did Bethesda Spoil Their Secret?

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E3 is only a couple of days away from now and gamers worldwide cannot be more excited for the event. This is due to the fact that E3 2018 promises to host the release, as well as confirmation, of a long list of games.

Among them is Bethesda, which has promised to hold its longest conference at E3 yet. Bethesda has got a lot to talk about and it appears that one of the things they will touch on is the Elder Scrolls Series.

A Tweet from Bethesda’s Pete Hines has confirmed on this although the lad never mentioned if the subject is going to be about Elder Scrolls 6. Well, considering that Skyrim has got nowhere else to port to (touch wood), the only chances left is for the highly-anticipated sequel to get an official announcement at the event.

What’s more exciting is that Pete Hines never bothered to hide it anymore when he quoted that Elder Scrolls is 110% confirmed for E3. There is bound to be a huge announcement happening and we are 110% hoping that it is Elder Scrolls 6.