Elder Scrolls 6 Hopes Re-Ignite After Tweet From Pete

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When it comes to information on a future game from Bethesda, fans will lookout for Tweets from Pete Hines. The employee from Bethesda is very active when it comes to hyping out the crowd and his latest Tweet did just that.

The Tweet says that the Studio won’t have much new to do with Fallout 4 for 2017 and this hints on plenty of free time to pursue a different project. With the Fallout Series and the Elder Scrolls Series being the only two names that are developed directly by Bethesda, it strongly suggests that the game developer is finally going to commence the development of Elder Scrolls 6.

The Tweet is already having an impact on the community as Elder Scrolls fans flocked online to discuss on the things they would love to see in the sequel to Skyrim. Elder Scrolls 6 promises a gaming experience that is far greater to any other Elder Scrolls title and we can’t wait to check out what it has to offer.

But of course, we would warn against hoping for too much as Elder Scrolls 6 may not be the next title coming from Bethesda.