Elder Scrolls 6 Set Sights On 2018?

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About a year ago, Bethesda confirmed that Elder Scrolls 6 is yet to be in development and this means that the game is still years away from making its debut. But then again, recent months saw plenty of clues on when Elder Scrolls 6 will arrive and they are all hinting on 2018.

Yes, you read that right. Elder Scrolls 6 may not be too far away at all. The first sign appeared when Bethesda revealed that their 2017 plans will not involve a lot of work with Fallout 4. In other words, Bethesda don’t have much left to do with their latest AAA title and this opens up the doors to the development of a different title.

Fallout and Elder Scrolls are the only two franchises that are directly developed by Bethesda, unless stated otherwise. This means that if there is nothing much left to do with Fallout 4, then the only other thing which Bethesda can focus on is Elder Scrolls 6.

Fast forward to last week, Bethesda’s Pete Hines answered every query regarding Elder Scrolls 6 with a strong statement – “we will tell you when there is something to reveal about”.

Pete may seem like he is merely cooling down the hype but whenever he responses with such queries, it often means that development has finally commenced. We don’t know about you but we won’t be surprised if Elder Scrolls 6 do get released next year.