Elder Scrolls 6: Why 2018 Release Is Achievable

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Elder Scrolls 6 is one of the most anticipated titles today, even when Bethesda has confirmed that they have not started working on the title.

Well, you must note that the confirmation was made early in 2016 and we are now in 2017. For all we know, development has already commenced and the signs are available to prove it.

The first sign surfaced when Bethesda shared that their 2017 plans will not involve a lot of work with Fallout 4. With Fallout and Elder Scrolls being the only two franchises that are directly developed and managed by Bethesda, it strongly suggests that the game developer will move on to work on Elder Scrolls 6.

The second biggest sign appears in the form of a statement from Pete Hines. The face of Bethesda took it to Twitter and said “we will tell you when there is something to reveal about”, as a response to queries made about Elder Scrolls 6.

Now, this may sound superstitious but if you can recall every time Pete Hines made such remarks, it takes no more than 2 years for the game in the subject to get released.

Do the math and you will see 2018 as the likely year for Elder Scrolls 6 to debut. Bethesda has got the resources to finish up Elder Scrolls 6 in the pace of 2 years and the only way it can’t happen is if a new game engine is being developed for Elder Scrolls 6.