Elder Scrolls Confirmed For Nintendo Switch, Fallout 4 Is Next?

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Last week, during the unveiling of the Nintendo Switch, we were able to learn on some of the launching titles for the consoles. It is a pretty long and impressive list which includes notable AAA names like Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim.

Well, we are not surprised by this at all because Bethesda has already made it known last year that they are interested to cater to the Nintendo Switch. Bethesda got an early preview of the console and they feel that the Switch has got the resources to operate massive titles like Skyrim.

Bethesda went as far as quoting that they are considering launching all of their future titles on the Switch, alongside the Sony PS4 and the Xbox One. With such a statement, we are fully expecting Fallout 4 to arrive on the Switch.

The only problem here is that Fallout 4 was not on the menu of games that will be available on the Switch’s debut day but this could be because of the time required to port a massive title into a completely new console.

We know it may be too early to hope for anything but there is still a chance for Fallout 4 to arrive on the Switch. If our prediction is true, then we should start hearing about it from Bethesda somewhere in Q3 this year. Any later than that will suggest that Fallout 4 for the Switch is not happening.