Elder Scrolls Legends, Fallout 76: Destroying Your Hopes For Skyrim Sequel!

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Bethesda will be on stage at E3 next week and they will have plenty of exciting things to reveal. Among them is the long-awaited sequel to Skyrim – Elder Scrolls 6, and this was even teased on Bethesda’s E3 poster.

But today, all hopes for Elder Scrolls 6 to get announced by Bethesda has disappeared and this is after seeing the latest announcements from Bethesda. It all started with Fallout 76, which was teased through a video yesterday, promising to become the first major online game for the Fallout franchise.

Earlier today, the situation got worse when official reports revealed that Bethesda is swapping developers and rebuilding the client for Elder Scrolls Legends. The card-themed video game exploring the lores of Tamriel has never managed to make it big hence the move to change developers suggest that Bethesda is more concerned with a new Elder Scrolls Legends than Elder Scrolls 6.

There are just too many things that Bethesda is working on at the moment that there is just no chance for Elder Scrolls 6 to get announced this year. As for the Elder Scrolls tease on the E3 poster, it’s just a hint for a new Legends game and nothing more. We hope to be proven wrong though.