Fallout 4 Best Explains Why Bethesda Must Not Do Fallout 5!

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We can all appreciate Bethesda for keeping the Fallout series alive by launching Fallout 4 but the game is still not the best Fallout title to date.

A recent online poll further proved this when fans of the series voted Fallout New Vegas as the best Fallout game around and the irony is that New Vegas is not developed by Bethesda.

Fallout 4 may be the newest title around but it lacks an immersive experience due to some questionable contents. One fan pointed out that “Fallout 4 is horribly broken and trashed. Skeletons were seen sitting around everywhere in the game, even in the populated areas. The building tool too offered little excitement as the outcome is mostly rusted.”

As such, it is perhaps best for the series if Bethesda is to not be at the helm of Fallout 5’s development. The future sequel should get developed by Obsidian instead and doing so will give Fallout 5 the potential to become the best Fallout game in the series’ history. What do you think?