Fallout 4: Botched Product A Sign For A New Head!

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Fallout 4’s sales success is much owed to the strong fanbase that can’t get enough of the adventures in the post-apocalyptic world and it is never because of the title having a revolutionary gameplay experience.

This is where many fans believe that Bethesda has botched it as Fallout 4 failed to offer the best Fallout experience despite being the latest title in the series. The evidence is clear when fans voted Fallout New Vegas as the best Fallout title produced thus far in various online surveys.

We caught up with a brand new survey asking the same question last week and it still ended with New Vegas holding the majority of the votes. The poll was hosted on Strawpoll and we saw 64% of the 197 participants siding with Fallout New Vegas. The irony here is that New Vegas is the only ‘modern’ Fallout game that is not developed by Bethesda.

If this is to mean anything, Bethesda can’t take the Fallout series forward in terms of gameplay experience and things would have been better if Fallout 4 is managed by a different developer. Is this a sign for Bethesda to move aside and adopt a supervising role for future Fallout sequels?