Fallout 4: Bottlers Bethesda Demands New Developer

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Sales success is imminent for every hotly anticipated game but it never guarantees a great gameplay experience. This is evident if you are to check out Fallout 4.

The latest sequel in the Fallout Series is now the bestselling Fallout game around but it is behind older titles when it comes to gameplay experience. Countless surveys have found that Fallout fans love New Vegas most as it offers the most in-depth and balance gameplay experience.

The latest survey took place at Strawpoll last week and the results never change. A whopping 64% of 197 participants voted for Fallout New Vegas. This makes it clear that New Vegas offers the best Fallout experience to date.

Seeing that New Vegas was not developed by Bethesda, a section of the fans are now calling for a new developer to take charge of the future sequel, Fallout 5.

These folks felt that Bethesda has bottled it with Fallout 4 hence they want the developer to stick to a supervising role for Fallout 5 while letting a different company running the show. Would you want this to happen?