Fallout 4 Exposes Bethesda’s Limitations, New Head Needed For Fallout 5

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Fallout 4 may be the latest Fallout game around but it is far from being the best game in the post-apocalyptic series. Fans have been questioned on their pick for the best Fallout game to date and the vast majority of them sided with Fallout New Vegas.

This common reason is because New Vegas offers the wackiness of classic Fallout games with an in-depth realism that was introduced by Bethesda after they took over the series. The result is a gaming experience like no other and the shocking bit is that New Vegas is not developed by Bethesda.

Fallout 4 may have sold more copies than any other Fallout games but it has failed to become the best Fallout title to date. As such, fans are now calling for a new developer to develop Fallout 5 as doing so may push the series’ gameplay experience forward.

Whether this will happen or not is a question that remains to be answered but we would be please if Bethesda moves away from Fallout’s development and stick to the supervising role.

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