Fallout 4 Finally Does Justice To PS4 Pro

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It has finally happened. Bethesda has released an update for the PS4 Pro’s version of Fallout 4 and it will fix every performance issue that has been plaguing the title since launch day.

The update bears the version number 1.44 and it allows Fallout 4 to operate on 1440p native resolution. This means that Fallout 4 is finally making good use of the enhanced performance on the Sony PS4 Pro.

We have seen Fallout 4 with patch 1.44 on our HDTV and we can easily notice the superior graphics on the game when compared to the ordinary PS4 version of the title. Despite being 1440p on native, PS4 Pro’s Fallout 4 is programmed to support 1080p televisions hence you don’t have to worry about quality changes due to your TV specificiation.

Another thing to note is that the drawing distance in Fallout 4 is far greater on the PS4 Pro than on any other console. This makes the overall experience more engaging and we can’t be more happy for it.